Preyboy (Harry Shearer) - UCLA Satyr - June 1964 - 38 pages

Actor/comedian/writer/singer/voiceover artist Harry Shearer was the editor of the UCLA humor publication.  This Playboy parody is his final work for the college.  His editorial ("at random") laments the demise of college humor publications in particular, and all humor magazines in general.  This final editorial also serves as a brief history of the college magazines and their difficulties with censorship by the various administrations.  For the parody issue, Shearer wrote Preyboy ad parodies, "Dear Preyboy", "The Preyboy Philosophy", "Fffffer", "Preyboy's Partly Jokes", "Fair-Hared Bunny" and "Little Funnie Bunny" (with drawings by Hank Hinton).  The primary fiction parody of the issue ("Smelter Me, Tenderly" by Steve White) serves as a major genre of fiction typically found in the Playboy of the 1960s.  The following passage from SMT captures the tongue-in-cheek attitude of Shearer's finale.

"He turned to leave, but Wella was screaming and clawing again so, holding the formula between his teeth, he lowered his bulky steel-muscled masculine form onto her petite Bessemer Blast Furnace and the two of them smeltered into the raw pig iron of their impassioned, melting dual fulfillment and forged themselves into the Atlas missile of their desire, blasting off into the stellar orbit of their flaming capsular re-entry, or something like that."

Preyboy lampoons Hugh Hefner at every opportunity, especially with the "616th part of a magnum opus" ("Preyboy Philosophy") and the excellent, four-page "Liitle Funnie Bunny" parody of Harvey Kurtzman's Little Annie Fanny.  But, Shearer was correct about the passing of college humor magazines with Harvard Lampoon being the lone exception.  [JAM 4/2/2016]

Front Cover - Wolf with Bunny Projection (drawing by Cliff Meleson)
1  Hamster cartoon by Pelican/Joel Beck
3  Contents (Satyr)
4  At Random (editorial by Harry Shearer)
5  What Sort of Man Joins Alumni Associations? (drawing by Hinton)
6  Contents (Preyboy) to Surround the Men's Entertainment
7  Dear Preyboy and Preyboy ad parodies by Harry Shearer
8  Campfire cartoon by Shoelacer
9  The Preyboy Advisor by Henry Scarborough Hinton
10 Preyboy Throws an Intime Tupperware Party by Neal Aberman
12 Jules Fffffer by Harry Shearer and Hank Hinton
13 Preyboy Interview: God by Prelutsky and Shearer
15 The Preyboy Philosophy by Harry Shearer
16 Fair Hared Bunny by Harry Shearer
22 Preyboy's Partly Jokes by Harry Shearer (drawings by Hank Hinton)
23 Hefner cartoon by "Graham Gruesome" (drawing by Cliff Meleson)
24 Vulgarus Girl by Hank Hinton
25 Ribald Classic: The Tale of the Minstrel's Ass by Burt Prelutsky (drawing by Cliff Meleson)
26 Smelter Me, Tenderly by Steve White (drawing by Hank Hinton)
30 Little Funnie Bunny by Harry Shearer and Hank Hinton
34 Mr. J.B.'s Story Time by Pelican/Joel Beck
36 Cannibal cartoon by Cliff Meleson; alphabet cartoon by Hessayon
38 Drafting cartoon by Cliff; space cartoon by Cliff Meleson
Inside Back Cover - Art cartoon by Cliff Meleson
Back Cover - Disc Count Records/Tapes (real ad)