Playboy (parody - Dale Peters) - Penn State Froth - April 1961 - 38 pages

This one is really bad.  I could not find a single line of text that I would want to repeat here.  Per the contents page, the Penn State Froth publishes one parody issue per year.  And, according to the note on page 38, one dozen of the current members of the editorial staff are bailing from the publication after this issue.  As a result, the final issue of the Dale-Peters era is less than satisfactory.  The only good parts of this parody are the illustrations.  Art Director Bill Zettler produced a good cover drawing for the issue.  The cover shows an angry Playboy femlin stomping on a giant Playboy key as a stork is bringing her a baby piglet.  The reader is left to fill in the details.  Drawings by Eppy on pages 12, 22 and 23 are also very good.  There are numerous typographical errors, misspellings and sentences that do not make sense.  References to page numbers of continuing articles are often incorrect but the articles are not worth reading anyway.  This obligatory annual parody was just slapped together and it shows.  [JAM 3/20/2016]

Cover - Angry Femlin by Bill Zettler
1  Playbill
2  Contents
4  Dear Playboy
7  Playboy After Hours
11 The Playboy Advisor
12 Road by Ray Russel Desmond (drawing by Eppy)
14 I Dreamed I Raped the Untouchables in My Maidenform Bra by Charles Bowmont Peters
17 Paulette Zander: April's Miss Makes Mind More Munchy
22 Playboy's Party Hoax (drawings by Eppy)
23 Bedroom cartoon by "Sokal" (drawing by Eppy)
24 The Xterminator by Ken Prudy Sussman
26 Something in Common by "Jewels Fifer" (drawings by Desmond Zettler)
27 Ribald Classic: A Piece of Peace
28 On the Scheme: Personalities
30 The After-One Connoisseur by Thomas Marachino
31 Support Mental Health cartoon by "Grahm Wilis"
35 Egg cartoon by Harvard Lampoon
38 Playboy's Shopping Tips; Next Month
Back Cover - Salem cigarettes (real ad)